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I'm just a Dog Mom

My home is generally full of muddy paw prints, dog fluff and drool... there's barely any space on our bed for "us" and on Monkey Days, chaos reigns! Yet I wouldn't change it for the world!

I'm just a Dog Mom and in the course of my adult life thus far, I have been "Mum" to six absolutely gorgeous, loving and very playful Spaniels. Each one so different and special and each one touching my heart and filling my life in a way that I will cherish forever.

In this new blog, I will share stories, both happy and sad, heartfelt and even exhausting moments of my life with these 6 beautiful fur babes; how I became a Dog Mom and what it means to me; and I will introduce you to each one of my "kids".

My heart is full, my home is messy, but I wouldn't change a thing - although maybe just one thing... "I wish that they could all live forever".

This is our life.


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